Ask LH: Where Can I Find IT Pro Events?

Dear Lifehacker, I've just finished a contract and am in the process of looking for another job. I'm an IT project manager and hopelessly interested in everything technology-based and also anything about project management. Apart from reading Lifehacker daily amongst many other RSS feeds (boo to losing Google Reader) I like to attend talks and various events on anything related to these technology subjects.

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My question is this: now that I have a period of free-ish time, how do I find more of these events and talks, as they seem to be few and far between? (Also, if anyone potential employers need a technical IT project manager who specialises in software development and implementation, I'm free!) Thanks, Seminar Attendance Magnet

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Dear SAM,

Technology is never an area where you know everything, so staying up-to-date is a very sensible move. Here are some simple suggestions on how to find more events on those topics:

  • Join a user group in your city for technologies you are interested in. Most of these groups have regular talks. Finding one these days doesn't require much more effort than typing in the name of a technology that interests you and your main city; Meetup is also a good potential source.
  • Sign up for mailing lists for the vendors whose products you use. These often feature invitations to events.
  • Check out TechEvents, which has a handy list of events in Australia. The update frequency varies, but as it offers an RSS feed it's fairly easy to keep track.

We'd love more suggestions from readers; throw them in the comments and we'll add good ones to the main list.

Cheers Lifehacker

(BTB, if any employer wants to get in touch with Seminar Attendance Magnet, let us know and we'll pass on the details.)

Cheers Lifehacker

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