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Feedly has been very popular with Lifehacker readers as a replacement for Google Reader, which has less than a month to live now. To get around that problem, Feedly is developing its own API for when Google kills Reader off for good. If you're a fan of alternate readers such as Reeder, Press or gReader, you'll now also be able to access the Feedly API.


An RSS reader is an essential tool for anyone who likes to be kept abreast of news as it happens and/or updates from their favourite websites. It will make you more organised, ensure you don't miss valuable information and save lots of time that would otherwise be spent manually checking websites. If you're new to RSS, here's what you need to know, including the best RSS readers in a post Google Reader world.


I don't use Google Apps for Business, I don't require extra storage, and I don't need to pay to advertise myself or my company through AdWords. Most of the ways Google wants to extract money from me directly are never going to work. Yet if Google started offering Reader for an annual subscription fee, I'd pay in a heartbeat.