Show Number Of Results With Google Search

As well as meaning more clicks for many common tasks, Google's switch to a horizontal menu for refining search results last November also means that you no longer automatically get approximate result totals when you do a search. Fortunately, you can retrieve those numbers with a simple click.

Google Operating System points out that if you repeatedly click on the 'Search tools' button, the interface will alternate between showing the search filtering tools (which let you choose options such as 'Pages from Australia' and 'Last 24 hours') and showing an approximate number of results for your query. That number will reflect any filters you've applied; double-clicking Search Tools immediately after a query shows everything, but double-clicking after applying the 'Pages from Australia' search will only show that number.

This is handy, but far from obvious. It doesn't work on specialised searches such as images or maps, but it's useful to know for basic web searches.

Show the Number of Results When Using Google Search Tools [Google Operating System]


    I'm confused by this story. The default Google search behaviour already shows the approximate number of results, which is only hidden when you click Search Tools. Search Tools is disabled by default.

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