Google's Awards Search Knowledge Graph Has A Strange Logies Flaw

Google has enhanced its search results if you look up awards ceremonies to show a Knowledge Graph box featuring recent winners. It's a neat idea, but it has a weird flaw when it comes to Australia's Logies.

If you look up the Logies (or the Oscars or the Grammys), you'll see a Knowledge Graph box on the right hand side showing recent winners in major categories. You can click on a category to see a list of past winners, or click on a year to see winners from that year (though this feature only goes back to 2010).

What's odd is that the link for "Most Oustanding Newcomer" is instead labelled in Swedish as "Bästa nykomling". Who knew the Logies had such global appeal?

Google Knowledge Graph Winners [Google Operating System]


    Maybe the swedes care more about the logies than Australians do so google is adjusting it for the audience? I know I could not care less about them.

      Had to upvote purely for the fact you used "could not care less" correctly, too many people use "could care less".

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