Google Search Revamp Hides Useful Tools

Google is revamping its search results page, moving its search refining tools from the left-hand column to the top and burying some of them under sub-menus. Options such as results from the last 24 hours are now harder to find, but they are there.

The left-hand column options to search images, maps or shopping are now presented across the top, with others options such as news and video relegated to a 'More' drop-down menu. To access options to restrict results by recency or location, you need to click 'Search tools' and then select from two new drop-downs. The previous version also used a More button and a search tools link in the left-hand column, but had news, video and results from your country always visible. (The country-specific option has been replaced with 'Nearby'.)

The revamp only applies to the main US page right now, but Google says it will roll out to other countries over time. I often use the 'Pages from Australia' option and the news search, so I won't particularly enjoy those being buried on a sub-menu. (Might be time for me to construct some keyword bookmarks for those pages.) . Some of Google's previous experiments with horizontal menus have been dropped following user complaints, so it will be interesting to see how long this one lasts.

Spiffing up your search results page [Inside Search]


    Still on the Left hand side for me!

      I'm guessing you're using or anything other than the main US page, as mentioned in the article then.

        My bad!! Stressful day at work (not work related)

    Finally... Google is becoming useless, hopefully this changes. (to much useless and spammy results)

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