Your Favourite Arnott’s Biscuits Are Now Ice Creams

Your Favourite Arnott’s Biscuits Are Now Ice Creams

Have you ever been tucking into an Ice Vovo, Wagon Wheel, Caramel Crowns or Mint Slice and thought to yourself: “this is delish, but it needs to be cold as buggery”? Well, it appears the biscuit gods have heard you. Arnott’s is teaming up with Peters Ice Cream to turn four of its favourite products into frozen desserts. Here are the details!

According to Arnott’s, the Wagon Wheel, Ice Vovo, Mint Slice and Caramel Crowns ice creams will be available from today at all major supermarkets. “We have joined forces with Arnott’s Biscuits to bring some of your favourites to the ice cream freezer,” Peters added on its Facebook page.

Here are the four flavours:

Iced Vovo Ice Cream: “This much loved classic is a delicious, icy cold mix of marshmallow, coconut, raspberry jam and vanilla biscuits. One bite and you’ll be transported straight back to your childhood.”

Mint Slice: “Taste the deliciousness of classic, cool mint and chocolate biscuit smothered in premium dark chocolate.”

Wagon Wheels: “Yeeeehawwww! The wildest treat in the freezer has arrived. The classic combination of vanilla biscuit, marshmallow, jam, smothered in chocolate just got cooler. Literally.”

Caramel Crown Ice Creams: “An indulgent and cool mix of rich chocolate, gooey caramel and biscuit. It’s the famous chocolate, caramel biscuit combination you have been waiting for.”

The Iced Vovo and Caramel Crown come in traditional ice cream tubs, whereas the Mint Slice and Wagon Wheels come in boxes with four individually wrapped servings. You can check out all the nutritional info over on Peters’ website.

The chilly timing of this rollout is a little bizarre, but we’re still keen to try ’em! (Especially the Caramel Crown which sounds pretty damn heavenly.) Stay tuned for the inevitable taste test, coming soon.

[Peter’s Ice Cream]


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