Google Adds Dimmi Restaurant Reservations

Found a restaurant on Google and want to make a booking? A new partnership between Google and local online reservations service Dimmi means you can do just that.

Dimmi has offered online reservations since early 2011. The integration into Google Search (including both general web search and the mobile app version of Google Maps) means you can easily book that tempting-sounding Mexican place, or any of the other 2500-odd restaurants listed on Dimmi.

Google has similar partnerships with OpenTable and TopTable overseas. It would be nice if the reservations link showed up in desktop maps search, but it's still a useful addition. Dimmi is also available online, as an iOS app and for Windows Phone.


    Hi Angus.
    Mark from Dimmi here. I agree it would be nice to have the reservations link show up in maps on the desktop. I think it was probably a priority for Google to get it on mobile maps first but fingers crossed it will show up on the desktop at some point...

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