Dimmi Lets You Book Your Favourite Restaurant Online

Dimmi Lets You Book Your Favourite Restaurant Online

Don’t want to hit the phones to book a table at your favourite restaurant? If it’s listed at restaurant booking site Dimmi, you won’t have to — you can do it direct from your browser.

Reader Dan pointed out Dimmi as an alternative to Bookarestaurant.com, which we featured recently. Based on the numbers claimed by each site, Bookarestaurant.com would have a slight edge: it claims 2,500 restaurants, as against Dimmi’s 1500, and has more filtering options. That said, if you eat out a lot, both seem worth adding to your bookmarks.


  • Angus thanks for introducing Dimmi, having a look at both I found Dimmi to have more restaurants. Bookarestaurant had lots listed but actual immediate bookings available not so many.

  • I have never tried Dimmi, but have on a few occasions booked through bookarestaurant.com. The idea of online reservations in itself is a good one, but I prefer bookarestaurant.com for the fact that it actually promotes special offers at restaurants. A great way to save a bit of money!

  • Dimmi has increased the number of restaurants it has and what about Dimmi deals?? Restaurants are advertising specials.. It shows on the booking icon for dimmi.

  • I used the Dimmi thing to book a local restaurant for my birthday. Never again. It took the booking on the Wednesday evening for the following Saturday night and said everything was confirmed o.k. Then on Saturday around mid-day (two late to book anything else) the proprietor calls me to say it was a mistake and that time slot was booked. He offered a later timeslot but that was no good. I wouldn’t use this service again. Do it the old fashioned way and get on the phone.

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