After Hours: Best Restaurant Review Apps

You’re standing on a street with five different restaurants: which one do you choose? Here are a few apps that will help you sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to grabbing a feed.

Food app graphic via Shutterstock

Welcome to another round of our After Hours App Series: a detailed look into all the apps you need on your smartphone to have a great night. Stay tuned each day for another round-up of the best apps for after-hours fun.


This one should be a no-brainer. Yelp opened in Australia last year with a strong focus on generating the best local database of restaurant reviews, and so far it’s doing a freaking awesome job. If you need to know what’s what at a particular restaurant curated by a mix of local moderators and an intelligent, active community. (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry)


Not only is Urbanspoon an awesome restaurant review app it has an community that visits restaurants and crowdsources menus, so you can see what’s available to order before you even walk in to ask for a table. It also has a Dinner Spinner, which lets you shake your mobile device to spin the wheels of fate to see where you’ll eat. (Android, BlackBerry, iOS)


After Google bought and integrated Zagat in May last year, all of Google’s services like Places and even Search have been enhanced by restaurant ratings and reviews from one of the best services in the world. You can get it on a multitude of devices, and most of the time all you need is a browser to search the restaurant name on (Web)


TripAdvisor is probably the world’s largest travel advice site, if not the most trusted, so why not let a helpful community tell you the best places to eat when you’re in a new city? (Web)


Sure, it’s easy enough to search for a restaurant, but booking one on your smartphone becomes a problem, especially considering that OpenTable doesn’t work in Australia. Fear not, however: Dimmi is here to help. Dimmi lets you compare restaurant offerings and rankings in real-time, before helping you book a table right from your smartphone. Neat! (iOS)