Freeze Pancake Batter For A Simple And Quick Breakfast

If you want to become more efficient at making pancakes, freezing the batter is one way to speed up the process. Food blog the Kitchn shows off how you can get yourself a nearly instant pancake breakfast.

Picture: Miika Silfverberg/Flickr

The process of freezing (and thawing) pancake batter is about as simple as you would imagine:

Just mix up a regular batch of your favourite batter and pour it into a gallon size ziptop bag (smaller if you regularly make pancakes for less than an army). Roll batter up into a cone shape in the bag or ensure all the excess air is out of the bag. Seal and freeze!

When you're ready to bust out the pancake making, just thaw in warm water or overnight in the refrigerator. Snip off a corner of the bag and you're ready to pipe the pancakes directly onto the hot griddle.

It's an easy way to make fresh pancakes — without all the mess — in half the time.

Did You Know That You Can Freeze Pancake Batter? [The Kitchn]


    "in half the time"

    How is putting an egg, cup milk, and cup flour in bowl and whisking slower than thawing overnight? Or waiting for it to thaw out in hot water?

      Cuase, you know, convienence n' stuff...

      Ok. I have no idea either.

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