Are You Spending More On Your Data Centres?

Are You Spending More On Your Data Centres?

One consistent theme that emerged from our World Of Servers coverage from Data Centre World last week was that data centre budgets are tight. So now we’re wondering: what’s happening with the data centre budget where you work?

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  • … Your poll has no option that it has increased? What the hell..

    Our spending this year has increased 360%.. But I guess i’m not a statistically relevant metric to you..

    Second article in a row i’ve had to comment on you guys bias.. Get it together and show some journalistic integrity.

  • Ours has also increased by about 50%, due to anticipation of growth and a range of new services being offered to clients. Good companies know that if you want to grow, you need to have the capacity to service that growth, and that means spending more, not less, on the things that matter.

    • Yeah – especially bad considering the title of the article is “are you spending MORE”.. Writers these days don’t even proof read their own work, even when it’s less than 50-100 words I swear.. So ridiculous.

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