Maximise Valentine's Day Enjoyment With Sex First, Dinner Afterwards

An expensive dinner in a flash restaurant is a core part of Valentine's Day for many people; sexual intercourse with your loved one even more so. If you're planning for both, we suggest having the sex before having the meal.

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It's not a new concept, but this idea is particularly well-expressed by advice columnist Dan Savage in a recent episode of his Savage Lovecast podcast (note: audio at that link is NSFW and we've deployed some strategic asterisks in the quote below):

My standard operating advice is: f**k first so that you don't have to send me disappointed emails on February 15 or call with disappointed-sounding voices because you went out on Valentine's Day and you ate a bunch of heavy rich food, ate an enormous desert, drank a bunch of wine or booze and then surprise! You didn't get laid when you got home because you were in a food and booze and oh-my-god-it's-late coma. Don't make that mistake. F**k first and then go out to dinner.

Yes, this can be tricky if you don't have a late dinner reservation, especially when Valentine's Day is on a weeknight. But the effort is definitely worth it, satisfaction-wise.


    Ummm, isn't Valentine's Day (did I spell that right) over now?

      Are you thinking of Galentines day?

        That's not quite over yet either.

        Galentine's day happens once every month or so and lasts 3-5 days.

          Are you talking about the Parks and Rec Galentine's Day? I am confused...

      Are you from the future? It's on 14th of Feb and it definitely is still 13th of Feb in WA for almost 12 more hours.

        Ahh, well there's the answer, not really having followed it for the last... well forever, I didn't realise what day it was. My bad,.. Apologies to Angus, let the floggings commence!

          LoL dang, seems a bit extreme punishment. After your post I had to quickly Google the date to make sure I didn't have it wrong. :P

            i dont think he percieves floggings as least not by our definition...

    But, then I'm going to fall asleep during dinner! :-P

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