Use Baking Paper For Mess-Free Barbecues

Planning a barbecue in the park? Take a piece of baking paper with you to save on clean-up problems.

I spotted this tip recently on the Facebook page of my old school friend Sandy. It's a simple and logical idea:

We always take a piece of baking paper to public BBQs to cook on, then you don't have to worry about how clean the plate is, your food doesn't stick, and you don't leave the BBQ in a mess for the next people.

It's also handy if you want to cook eggs, since they often run down the drainage hole. Thanks Sandy!


    Seriously, doesn't everyone already do this anyway, either with baking paper or alfoil?? Who the hell just cooks their food directly on a public BBQ. Ew.

      I have, both with and without some form of "protection". I do give the BBQ a pretty decent clean before hand though. Presuming there's no obvious food or residue left on the plate, I doubt it would be a big deal.

    You can also get permanent roll-up plastic hotplate covers. They're also good for home BBQs as they keep the actual hotplate clean and make clean up easier.

    Was just going to suggest the same thing. For $10 at Big W you can get a large non-stick BBQ cover which works brilliantly. I have had mixed results with baking paper and stuff just gets stuck to the al foil.

    I also bought one for the cast iron hotplate we use on our camping stove. Makes cooking bacon and eggs a lot easier.

      Your cast iron is not seasoned correctly if your bacon&eggs are sticking.

      Also, if you get some non-stick egg rings they will not run everywhere.

      Last edited 25/01/13 5:59 pm

    it doesnt taste like bbq if its not cooked on a bbq tho

    Beer + heat + scraper = BBQ clean. The heat kills any germs.
    I'd cook directly on the hotplate not on paper, that's just weird! harden up ;)

    Don't use baking paper, paper is an insulator ie limits heat transfer. Use aluminum foil.

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