Never Clean Your Foreman Grill Again By Cooking With Baking Paper

The George Foreman Grill is a handy tool when it comes to low-effort cooking, but it can be a pain to clean. A little baking paper can solve that problem.

In this video, YouTuber SkewToob shows his method for cooking beef and chicken on a Foreman grill without ever needing to clean it. Just place a piece of baking paper inside the grill so that it covers both sides and place your meat inside it, sandwich-style. Once your food is all cooked, just toss the paper and your Foreman Grill will still look as good as new.

Never Clean Your Foreman Grill Again [YouTube]


    This is what I do on public bbq's. So easy and quick!

    If you need to learn this from a website then you moved out of home too early.

    I bought George Foreman grill specifically for this reason, although I was originally looking for a flat type one (like a sandwich press) but couldn't find one..
    Tried cooking sausages using baking paper and the results were so appalling that I haven't tried since. I was way tighter with the baking paper than this guy was, but because of the shape oil was either trapped in a pool made by the folds of the baking paper trying to conform to the GF Grill shape and not cooking properly, or the paper made a channel directing the runoff pretty much everywhere OTHER THAN the catcher tray. Cleaning the grill was easier than cleaning my bench every damn time.

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