Remember To Write 2013 In Dates

For the next few weeks, people will be writing (or typing) 2012 in dates before realising their error and writing 2013 instead. Here's a simple trick to help you avoid the mistake: remember that this year has no repeated digits in it.

2013 is the first year that has been true since 1987. It will also be the case for every year until 2020, so this is the only year this trick will really work for quite some time, but it's worth using if you find yourself messing up the date a lot.


    Yeah, because it's easier to remember an obscure numerology factoid.

      'there's only one of each number'

      Wow, talk about obscure numerology. Do you have trouble remembering where you live, too?

    Obviously "not posting pointless articles" wasn't one of Lifehacker's new year resolutions.

    I wrote the date as as 2002 a few months back. Thanks for the reminder!

    You have just made yourself look this intelligent.

    Stock article... Insert year every year for terrible journalism... Love the site, but starting to go off big time. Lift your game LH.

    Remember it's that thing?
    Think it's some other thing?

    Here's a factoid about the first thing!

    Don't understand why it's hard, with today's technology and the fact that most of us would have done something on NYE.

    What happens when it is 01/01/2013, Oops, I mean 01/01/2014...?

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