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Have you ever inexplicably forgotten your PIN in front of the ATM? Or drawn a terrifying blank in the middle of an important speech? We bet you regularly type in the wrong website passwords too. Same.

If your memory just plain sucks, there are a host of scientifically proven techniques you can employ to combat your chronic forgetfulness. Here are seven of the best, with extra tips that will help to make this newfound knowledge stick.

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I was about five years old when teachers started pointing out that I had a good memory. It led to always being cast as the lead in school plays, because I could reliably remember all my lines within a short period of time. I thought it was because I worked hard. Turns out it might just be because I have a photographic memory.

Rather than being something you just have - or don't - a photographic memory is actually something you can develop.


Think about something that happened to you this morning. That there, is your memory. We recall thousands of events and procedures every day, but how exactly does the brain do it? This comic-esque infographic breaks down the science behind this essential and primeval mind hack alongside some valuable improvement tips.


Last month I went to Outside Lands, a three-day music festival in San Francisco where musical artists from pretty much every genre out there performed on a bunch of different stages around Golden Gate Park. Regardless of what type of music was being played, each stage had one thing in common: Someone (or a lot of people) were standing close to the stage with their phones hoisted to take pictures and shoot video, obstructing the view of everyone behind them. As a shorter person, I experienced the vast majority of the shows during the weekend by watching them through someone's phone screen. Besides being obnoxious, turns out there also isn't much of a point to filming everything.


Losing your keys is the worst -- so it makes sense to do whatever you can to ensure your keys get back to you safely, should they be misplaced. For some that may mean attaching a Bluetooth-enabled location tracker, but I'd rather not have yet another bulky plastic doohickey on my keychain next to my flash drive. Luckily, the web has come up with a pretty low-tech method of ensuring your keys are returned safely. But first, you'll need to visit a pet store.


I forget pretty much everything when it comes to physical items I need to take with me from my apartment to another location. I own at least a dozen umbrellas that prove this fact. I know it's going to rain, I sit one by the door to take with me when I leave, and then I get downtown and realise I forgot it.


If you've lost your keys, you might think it's best to search in the most obvious, open areas before moving on to more cluttered areas. But a recent study suggests our peripheral vision is better than we think, and being so thorough while searching might actually be a waste of time.