Only Use Due Dates For Tasks That Absolutely Need Them

Only Use Due Dates For Tasks That Absolutely Need Them

Due dates are incredibly handy for big projects and small reminders, but they’re not necessary for everything. It’s a natural reaction to throw every due date you have into your calendar or task list, but podcaster and blogger David Sparks suggests you only use those due dates for tasks that absolutely need them.

When every item on your task list has a due date, you end up with lots of notifications and badges that don’t mean anything. Sparks suggests never using using due dates unless a project will totally blow up if you don’t get it done by that day. It’s a simple trick, but it pulls your focus back to what needs to get done right now.

Check out David Sparks video above for a few more tips on how he uses OmniFocus (or any productivity app) to keep things organised.

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  • In addition, very important point that it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the productivity tool (Omnifocus, Things, whatever) and never quite get to the point of doing what needs to be done.

  • I have been using due dates so far and admittedly I do find them to be very intimidating. I will give the start dates alternative ago and see. I also agree with Angela’s comment that the tools very quickly become the means and the actual work gets left undone

  • okay so I’ve been trying this for the last couple of days and seems to be working pretty well so far … will keep you posted going forward

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