iBulkBill Shows You The Nearest Bulk Billing GP

iBulkBill Shows You The Nearest Bulk Billing GP

Some apps really do describe themselves in their titles; iBulkBill is an iOS app that shows you your nearest bulk billing medical service.

When you’re at home you most likely have a regular GP, and there’s always the option of accident & emergency at the local hospital, but that can involve lengthy waits which isn’t always optimal outside life-threatening situations — and there you’d expect prompt treatment even at A&E.

iBulkBill is a free (ad-supported) app that uses community recommendations to power its searches, so it may be wise to call ahead before dropping in, just in case the surgery in question has changed its bulk billing stance; my own searches failed to show at least one surgery that does bulk bill on its lists. iBulkBill [iTunes]


    • To clarify; in my location, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of data beyond the location of medicare offices, but scanning around Sydney (at least) there was more data; the perils of crowdsourced data I guess.

  • Well, considering that bulk bill is tiered since the 1980’s to 0.5% of CPI, and doesn’t account for additional costs of overheads such as trained practice staff (RN’s are not cheap), or accreditation etc, it’s of little wonder why few my colleagues don’t bulk bill. BOTH political parties are at fault for this shambles of a system.

    Even “superclinics” such as Foundation Healthcare etc., are private billing as it’s not economical!

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