Google Australia Is Selling Nexus 4 Again

The good news? Google has the Nexus 4 back on sale through Google Play, with a claimed shipping time of two to three weeks. Based on previous sell-outs, if you want one, get in quick. [Google Play]


    Got one! I suspect many would-be purchasers have moved on to coveting other phones, so demand may be less this time around. Was so used to seeing 'sold out', I almost missed that it was in stock and just about closed the tab and carried on with my morning. Just as well I checked twice today too, as it was still "temporarily out of stock" (a new status introduced yesterday) before 8am this morning.

    Currently listed as available with shipping in 2-3 weeks?? WTF! I would have expected 2 - 3 days.
    So does this mean Google Aus don't have any stock on-hand but opening up ordering whilst they wait for there allocated delivery? Looks like a bit of marketing trickery to me.

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      Seeing as you pay for international shipping google australia isn't getting stock at all, you buy through the AU shop and its shipped from the US. The 2-3 weeks is because there probably isn't stock at all yet but they now know when the stock will arrive.

        Wrong, they are getting shipped from Singapore.

          Sorry, what ever, doesnt change what I said

          Honk Kong. I ordered on Thursday, got shipping notification Friday at around 22:00

    So upset. Just bought a Samsung Galaxy 3 days ago, got sick of waiting.

    That would be right

      An S3 still looks like a good option. The 16g sold out AGAIN within hours. I'm getting sick of missing out. Might be time to move on. A Nexus 4 is useless if you can't actually buy one. How long Google? ANOTHER 2 1/2 months?

    Bah! I had convinced myself they were never coming back and pre-ordered the new Kogan (which is a more practical option for me, but much less sexy).

    I would have bought one around Xmas had they any available then. But now with other higher spec phones on the horizon, the magpie in me has moved on.

    Now saying sold out. Hope someone got one. I've been sitting refreshing error messages for the last few hours until it updated to sold out.

    Anybody know how long it to sell out this round??

    I realise that it is sold out again now but for those that kept getting the error message I was able to solve this by going into Google Waller (available as an option at the top) removing my debit card there and re-adding it. I was then able to proceed with order without getting error message.

    Ordered a 16gb one this morning without any issues. Noted later today that this model is again showing out of stock. Would love to know how many AUSTRALIA was allocated. The 8gb model is still available if you are quick.

    I got 2 of them around 10 AM :D I wanted 4 but only can buy 2 per account.

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