Australians Who Get Pregnant Now Can Get A Free IKEA Cot In Nine Months

Is there a chance you could be having a baby roughly nine months from now? If you find out later that you conceived in early February, you could save at least $99 on a cot with this offer from IKEA. What's the catch? There are some big ones.

First, your baby must be born on November 14, 2013. Despite the cute Valentine's Day gag, the normal gestation period of about 40 weeks would mean that a full-term baby conceived on February 14 would be born too late to make the deal. If you conceived about a week ago, your odds are somewhat better.

Not only do you have to prove that your baby was born on November 14, you also need to present the voucher to redeem the offer, and you need to do so by December 14, 2013. But if it turns out to be babies instead of baby (congratulations!), you can claim one free cot for each baby, which could result in significant savings.

The final clincher is that the offer is only good in South Australia and Western Australia. If that all sounds fantastic to you, and you're happy to put your kid in a cot that you have assembled yourself, make sure you tuck that voucher away in a safe place for nine months. And be prepared to explain to your obstetrician why you want to induce birth prematurely.

[Reddit via Gizmodo]


    You need to present the coupon before December 14, 2012? That is - by the end of last year?

    Actually the dating of pregnancy works from the date of the last menstrual period. Conception actually occurs around 14 days later with ovulation. So you've still got a week to close the deal. Seems like as good a reason as any to become a parent.

    Kinda like a new baby bonus.. except this time, the kid actually gets something.

    Wow, free cot.

    This would be the first time ever people who have kids get free stuff.

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