Simple Steps To Avoid Food Poisoning From Christmas Left Overs

Simple Steps To Avoid Food Poisoning From Christmas Left Overs

Whether I cook myself or leave with trays of food after visiting my family, left overs are my favourite part of Christmas. I need more breakfast ham in my life. Getting sick? Not so much. This handy little video from the NSW Food Authority reminds us to store food below 5 degrees, reheat it at over 60 degrees and when it doubt…throw it out. Also revealed: the science behind vomit always containing carrots. Lovely.

As the video states, checking label is also a good idea. Have any safety tips of your own to share?

Keeping Food Safe [NSW Food Authority]


    • 3 days is late???

      I’m still eating left overs over here! As long as it’s only been heated up once, was refrigerated straight away and doesn’t smell off, I’ll eat it.

      • The point is it is a bit late to offer advice about leftovers from an event 3 days ago. If you haven’t already properly stored the food properly, you are probably suffering right now.

        • Wow, guy, stop being such a pedantic SOB/Christmas grinch. The simple goal was to make sure we were all thinking about safe left overs practice while enjoying them (which at, at the time, many of us still were).

          • Take constructive criticism with a bit of class, dude. If you’re going to write an article about how to store Xmas leftovers, perhaps it would make more sense to post it just before Xmas starts. Not 3 days after the event itself.

            Don’t insult your readership because you didn’t plan your article timing appropriately.

          • Careful, if you keep replying he’ll remind you what the point was again!

            Because his point is the most important part of this article, apparently.

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