NSW Recalls Coles And Woolworths Bread Rolls Because They May Contain Metal Bits

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Put down that bread roll. The NSW Food Authority has issued a recall on a number of bread roll products found in Coles, Woolworths, Metcash/IGA, corner stores and other food services outlets across NSW and the ACT due to fears that they may metal pieces. Here are all the brands that are being recalled.

The bread rolls originate from a single manufacturer, Quality Bakers Australia Pty Limited, which distributes to a large number of supermarkets.

According to the NSW Food Authority:

"This recall is the result of the potential presence of foreign matter (metal pieces) which may cause injury if consumed. Consumers should not eat this product. If you are concerned about your health you should seek medical advice."

Here are the brands of bread rolls that are affected by the recall:

  • Coles White Round Rolls 6 Pack, plastic film
  • Coles Smartbuy 6 Hamburger Rolls, plastic film
  • Coles Smartbuy 6 Hot Dog Rolls, plastic film
  • Coles White Long Roll 6 Pack, plastic film
  • Mighty Soft Hot Dog P6, plastic film
  • Mighty Soft Hamburger 5" P6, plastic film
  • IGA Bakers Oven White Round Roll P6, plastic film
  • IGA Bakers Oven Hot Dog Roll P6, plastic film
  • IGA Bakers Oven Hamburger Roll P6, plastic film
  • Hot Dog P6 Top Slice, plastic film
  • Hamburger Jumbo 5" P12 Bulk, plastic film
  • UB White Round Batch Roll P6, plastic film
  • UB White SD SUB P6, plastic film
  • UB White SD Round Roll 4" P6, plastic film
  • UB White Hot Dog Roll 7" P6, plastic film
  • UB AMERICAN SLD 5" Hamburger Roll P6, plastic film
  • UB White SUB P6, plastic film

Affected bread rolls have the best before date of October 2, 2016.

If you have bought one of the recalled bread roll products, you can get a full refund for it from the place of purchase.

[Via NSW Food Authority]


    Great job on the headline, not. Why include Coles and Woolworths in the headline if a) it isn't manufactured by them and b) they aren't the only ones that stock the products. It's even worse that Woolworths was named since the list doesn't even have an own brand product listed unlike Coles and IGA. I would have thought the headline would write itself when the company in question is "Quality Bakers" but obviously it didn't.

      Probably because a majority of the products in question needing recall will have been bought at Coles and Woolies, and most people wouldn't know the name 'Quality Bakers' even if they bought it regularly?

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