Pin Steam Adds Steam Game Icons To Your Windows 8 Start Screen

Enjoy playing games using the Steam platform? Pin Steam is a neat utility that lets you pin individual games to your start screen.

Another benefit of the app for heavy Steam users is that you can customise the small and large tile for each game. Whether those few saved seconds gained by pinning your favourite titles is worth $1.49 is up to you. I only occasionally use Steam so I'm not in the target market for this app.

Pin Steam [Windows Store via GHacks[


    Awesome app. I've been using this quite a bit, even to pin non-steam games.

    Valve should sue that guy for making us pay for something that should be free, after all he doesn't have any rights for it

    While this is a neat idea it is already possible to add Steam games to the Modern UI. There are plenty of guides around to help you do this.

    This is just an app for lazy people who don't like to do things for themselves (read 'non-geek') tisk tisk tisk

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