Steam Puts Video Games In A Beautiful Library On Your Media Centre

Steam, the awesome online video game store and library program, released a new beta yesterday featuring Big Picture, a full-screen interface designed for media centres.

We've built a few media centres that can play modern video games, but Steam's new update makes Steam the perfect media centre companion. Big Picture not only makes your games easy to navigate and start, but its completely controller-friendly, so you can use it without a keyboard. Heck, it even has an awesome keyboard designed to work with gamepads, not to mention a gamepad-friendly web browser. Check out the video above to see it in action, or see Kotaku's full review to see a closer look at what's inside.

To get Big Picture, just open up Steam and go to Steam > Settings. Under "Beta Participation", click "Change", and choose Steam Beta Update from the dropdown. After restarting, Steam should stay updated to the latest beta. You can then launch Big Picture from the top right corner. It's available for Windows right now; Mac support is coming soon.

Steam Big Picture


    Great, can they now get on to fixing updates so they either download when you ask them to, or so you can delay them until after you've finished playing (rather then the current system of "you cannot play until I've downloaded this update")?
    For the first time in 6 months, we had time to play some Left4Dead on the weekend.. At about 10am we booted up... We started playing at 2pm after our Steam clients updated and then game updates had downloaded.
    One of us couldn't play cause one of the computers refused to download the required update, just sat there saying it was "downloading" at 0kb/s.. It's still saying that after multiple restarts, an update to the steam Beta and deleting random files in the steam folder.

      Changing the settings to 'dont keep this game updated' or whatever, has always worked flawlessly for me.

      Protip for lan play, tell everyone to get their game working before they get there. Its a noob move to not even think about it until you arrive.

    Speaking of left 4 dead, can you buy the uncensored version in Australia now?

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