Optus 4G Hits Adelaide CBD

Oh-so-slightly ahead of the originally planned 2013 rollout, Optus has rolled out 4G coverage in central Adelaide. You can see the areas covered on the map (green indicates the 4G reception zone).

Optus now covers Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Newcastle. It plans further network expansion in 2013; right now, its coverage remains CBD-centric.


    Has there been a resultant pick up in speed of 3G in areas covered by 4G?

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    Did you find out the vendor for 4G? I understood they were considering using NSN to do nationwide rollout. Is this confirmed yet? Optus need to quickly rollout it's 4G and get more customer signed up before Vodafone 4G launch in early 2013

    This map is completely worng. The 4G network doesn't stretch out to Thorngate. The official coverage area is documented on the real Optus network coverage maps.

    They only switched on 4 sites.

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