Optus 4G Mobile Broadband Launches For Consumers, Hits Melbourne September 15

Optus has been selling its 4G hotspot to business customers since late July, but now everyone can get in on the action with consumer plans released for accessing Optus' high-speed LTE network using either a hotspot or a USB dongle. Optus has also set a launch date for 4G services in Melbourne: September 15.

For the hotspot or USB, you have a choice of either a 12 or 24 month contract and 10GB, 15GB or 20GB a month. The device charges are identical whichever plan you sign up for. This is the full breakdown:

Device Data Contract Plan cost Device cost Total cost
USB 10GB 12 $34.95 $11.00 $551.40
USB 10GB 24 $34.95 $5.50 $970.80
USB 15GB 12 $54.95 $11.00 $791.40
USB 15GB 24 $54.95 $5.50 $1,450.80
USB 20GB 12 $74.95 $11.00 $1,031.40
USB 20GB 24 $74.95 $5.50 $1,930.80
Hotspot 10GB 12 $34.95 $15.00 $599.40
Hotspot 10GB 24 $34.95 $7.50 $1,018.80
Hotspot 15GB 12 $54.95 $15.00 $839.40
Hotspot 15GB 24 $54.95 $7.50 $1,498.80
Hotspot 20GB 12 $74.95 $15.00 $1,079.40
Hotspot 20GB 24 $74.95 $7.50 $1,978.80

As well as hotspot and USB options, Optus will offer the Samsung Galaxy S III as a 4G device on contract.

Below is the coverage map for Melbourne (you can see the maps for Sydney and Perth in our earlier post on Optus' 4G plans):

Optus' consumer rollout puts in more direct competition with Telstra; the latter has much broader national coverage for 4G but also charges higher data rates. (Both companies are adopting a no-premium approach for 4G data; if you have a suitable device, the charges are the same as for 3G.)


    For those of us on the Optus network through resellers, when will we get 4G?

    And for those of us who are really cheap and on prepaid plans, when will WE get to join the party? (And the more important question: will my $3 data days work on it?)

    Wow.. that's quite a small coverage area... I work in Clayton and it's waaay outside the coverage area. 4G now reminds me of 3G back in the day... great if you could get service... but very limited where you could.

    Im in Dandenong and it sucks that there is no coverage there.
    Does any one know if optus will expand its coverage within a city especially melbourne?

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