Optus 4G Hits The Hunter Valley

As we've been anticipating all week, Optus has officially launched its 4G network with a customer trial commencing in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas. But don't start queuing at your local Optus store or asking us what it costs: the trial is amongst a group of invited participants and no-one participating is being charged to use the service.

Around 1,000 test customers in the Greater Newcastle area are being supplied with a 4G wireless dongle and (if they're business testers) mobile Wi-Fi adapters if needed. Optus says 4G handsets will be supplied "in the coming months" but, as with Telstra's 4G rollout, the initial emphasis appears to be on mobile broadband.

Optus is still planning to roll out 4G in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth later this year, with Adelaide and Brisbane following next year. Those plans have been in place since September last year, while Optus has also conducted trials of 700MHz LTE in Bendigo and plans further expansion via its recent acquisition of Vividwireless.


    Does this mean Virgin Mobile subscribers will get 4G speeds, so long as they setup the Optus APN on their phone?

    Can i come to the party?

    lets hope that the optus 4g is better then optus 3g (as in if you are inside a building you actually have reception)

      Wait.. You get 3G?
      In Ryde I flounder between Edge and GPRS.. Even then it drops out. :(

        i get Edge in macquarie park

      Thats not gonna change. Optus LTE is at 1800 MHz

    Optus will have 3G 900MHz up and running (in addition to the existing 2100MHz) across Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane by July 2012. 900MHz is very close to Telstra's 850MHz. 900Mhz will significantly improve penetration into buildings, car parks, lifts etc. About time !

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