Google Launches Snapseed For Android, Goes Free On iOS

Google has unloaded a few presents today. Snapseed, a terrific photo editor by Google, is now free on iOS (previously $5.49) and has finally launched a version for Android devices. Also, Google+ now has "Communities", which are public or private groups designed around common interests.

The video above introduces the new Google+ Communities feature rolling out today. Examples of public communities include Makers, hackers, artists and engineers by Adafruit Industries and Star Wars by, uh, Star Wars.

Snapseed, which was recently bought by Google, has come to Android. The photo-editing app helps you apply all sort of filters and effects within minutes. It goes beyond Intagram-like styling to really enhance all or selective parts of a photo. The app also integrates with Google+ and makes use of its Instant Upload feature.

Both the Android app and now the updated iOS one are free, so go grab one of them via the links below.

Snapseed [Google Play] Snapseed [iTunes App Store] Google+: Communities and photos [Google Official Blog]


    Incompatible with Motorola Defy....oh well.

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