Sleep As A Droid Wakes You Up Gently At Your Best Time

Sleep As A Droid Wakes You Up Gently At Your Best Time

Android: You’re the mayor of New York, you have super powers, this doughnut tastes incredible, and then, then — the terrible, awful digital rooster sound. Wake up easier, and with better timing, with this clever customised Android alarm app.

Technically named “Sleep as an Droid”, this app has soothing sounds to wake up to, that can fade in gradually — a nice feature, in itself. But the real benefit of Sleep as an Droid is keeping it on your mattress, so it can measure your movements and get a sense of your sleep cycles. It also logs your sleeping hours, so you can see just how far you’re falling behind in the quest for a good night’s rest.


With that movement analysis in place, the Sleep app suggests better wake-up times from the data it collects. This might not work for everyone, but you’ve got 14 days to try it out for free, before you’d need to pony up a small $1.36 (currently) for the unlocked version.

Sleep as an Droid [Android Market via Droid Life]


  • I’ve long had a problem with requiring above the average amount of sleep per day (I easily sleep upwards of 9hrs a day and still struggle sometimes), so this app sounds promising, I’ll have to check it out!

    Only concern I’d have is if its going to require me to “check in” when I go to bed and wake up each morning as some other sleep trackers have.

  • Wasn’t there a similar app for the iPhone that turned out to be a fake? I’m wondering if this one actually works? Maybe you could run a quick test for us by placing it on a flat surface in another room and see if it collects any data?

  • This is like Sleep Cycles on the iPhone, which I initially scoffed at. Then I decided to try it, and I’m stunned at how much it actually works. You set what time you want to wake up for, then in the half hour before leading up to the wake up time it will determine by your movements the best time to wake you up, and start playing the alarm sounds.

    It actually works. I feel like I’m in an advert for tv, but meh. 🙂 I’d assume the one for droid would work just as well.

  • When i had an iphone, i used Sleep Cycle –

    Great App. Worked everytime. The times when i had bumped it off the bed, it still work me up at the time requested (although it wont wake u up in harmony with your sleep patterns since it cant tell from the floor!). Top it off, the graph would tell me exactly when it fell on the floor and stopped collecting data. I have sleep at the oddest of hours, and its always interesting to see my sleeping patterns, and how quickly i fall into a deep sleep. I missed this on the Android. I feel like my sleep is quite disrupted with a normal alarm clock.

  • Actually, on the whole “tracking your movements to identify the best time to wake you up” thing, theres a few things which I’m curious about.

    Firstly, where the hell are you supposed to put it? Under the pillow? Not exactly a prime position as I charge my phone at night.

    I sleep in the same bed as my spouse. Does that mean my alarm is going to go off because she rolled over on her side of the bed?

    • @sam – no matter what the author says about these mobile apps that sit in bed to detect moment – my experience has been that they don’t work if there’s someone else in the bed with you. I always got false readings, and stopped using iPhone Sleep Cycle for a long time.

      Now I’m single & alone in bed (most nights), and find the app works well again. I struggle to sleep well, and thinking about trying the WakeMate because it’s a wristband worn in bed without the phone being in there with you. It’s not available for delivery to Australia yet – but you could get a friend in the US to purchase and send over for you.

  • I have doubts about some of the permissions requested by this app – such as fine GPS position and creating bluetooth connections… Why would a sleep tracking app require these?

  • I’m a sleep tracker junkie; my favorites so far have been Smart Alarm, Gentle Alarm, and SleepBot. I’ve been using Sleep as an Droid for a week and, although I like the graphs and recording features very much, it EATS POWER like no app I’ve ever encountered. My phone woke me at 4:30 this morning because it was down to 15%–6 hours before it was at 80%.

  • There’s a few sleep apps for Android
    Sleep Bot Tracker
    Smart Alarm
    Gentle Alarm

    I’d appreciate people’s comments on these apps


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