Plex Launches For Windows, Unveils MyPlex Media Hub

Plex Launches For Windows, Unveils MyPlex Media Hub

Windows/Mac/iOS/Android: Plex, a media centre and streaming utility based on XBMC, is finally available in Windows and brings dead-simple music and media streaming to local and remote devices with it. The Plex team also unveiled a web-based media hub called myPlex, so your iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS systems can all connect, find and stream your music and movies seamlessly.

The developers behind Plex have updated the client apps for iOS and Android to make it easier to connect to Plex Media Center directly or through the new myPlex hub, and subsequently updated the server and media centre apps for Mac OS and Windows with a new interface and streamlined controls. Plex’s new interface still looks reminiscent of its XBMC roots, but it’s easy to navigate, and getting to your media is easier than ever.

A side effect of myPlex is that the Plex Media Center no longer includes the Plex Media Server by default. This way you can run the Plex Media Server on one system where all of your movies live, and then the Plex Media Center app on another device connected to the TV, or your laptop at the office. Simply sign in to myPlex from that device to watch your media anywhere you you have an internet connection. The mobile apps now work the same way, and none of them require the kind of setup previously required to use Plex on the go. Now you can just log in to your myPlex account and press play.

Plex [via Plex Blog]


  • Fantastic. I currently use plex with my mac connected to my bedroom TV.

    Was thinking about buying a mac mini just to run plex off my loungeroom TV but now I can probably get a much cheaper PC to do the same job.

  • I don’t suppose anybody knows how well this works with tv capture?
    The main reason I don’t use XBMC much is I still rely on the Windows Media Centre app to run the recording schedule.

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