Gift Guides: Mac Apps

Gift Guides: Mac Apps

We’re all for free software, but some apps are definitely worth paying for — and giving as gifts. Here are five apps any Mac owner would be happy to find in their virtual stocking.

Apps in the Mac App Store are particularly easy to give as gifts, since there’s a built-in process for it.

Parallels Desktop ($89.95)

Parallels is a useful program for all types of people. If you know someone who recently switched from Windows to a Mac, it’s our favourite virtualisation software because it makes it possible to run any version of Windows right inside a Mac. It’s also ideal for students who occasionally need to run a piece of Windows software, or anyone else on your list who has been stockpiling Windows apps even though they primarily use a Mac. Simply put, it’s a great gift for anyone new to a Mac, or for anyone who just needs to occasionally use a Windows machine.

Tweetbot ($20.99)

Downcast ($10.49)

Fantastical ($20.99)

Adobe Creative Suite ($599.88)