Find Out When Someone Unfollows You On Facebook Or Twitter

Find Out When Someone Unfollows You On Facebook Or Twitter

Ever wonder why your friend and follow counts on social media drop suddenly? Maybe you you’re looking for trends that cause people to mass unfollow you on Twitter. Here’s how to keep track of all the people who digitally ditch you.

Track Who Unfriends You on Facebook


If you start noticing people dropping from your Facebook friends list, you might begin to worry about what you’re saying that’s upsetting them so much. While people might unfriend you because they don’t like you, but they also might just shut down or temporarily disable their account.

To track who unfriends you, we like the Social Fixer extension. Social Fixer offers lots of options to customise your Facebook experience, but it also has a nifty Friend Tracker you can enable:

  • Click the Social Fixer icon in Facebook (the wrench).
  • Click the “Layout” tab.
  • Check the “Friend Tracker” box.

Now, when you log into Facebook, you’ll see anyone who has recently unfriended you. You also see if they disabled their account or simply dropped you as a friend. If Social Fixer feels overcomplicated, Unfriend Finder is a userscript that shows who has unfriended you recently, but you’ll have to use some workarounds to get it running on Chrome. Neither extension works retroactively, so if you’re wondering who just unfriended you, you’re out of luck.

Track Who Unfollows You on Twitter


There are a surprising number of options to see who unfollows you on Twitter, and which you use depends on where you typically use Twitter from. By far the easiest option is Unfollowr. Simply follow the Unfollowr Twitter account, and you’ll get direct messages when someone unfollows you. Who Unfollowed Me is another simple option that operates as a Twitter app and tells you who unfollowed you over the course of a week. Neither of these options give you instant results though.

If you’re a desktop app user, we like ByeByeBirdie on Mac because it sends you a simple notification when you’re unfollowed. I wasn’t able to find a Windows equivalent. If you’d rather be notified of an unfollow immediately no matter where you are, Sayonara for iOS and JustUnfollow both send you notifications when someone unfollows you.

Track Who Unfollows You on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+


As for the other big social networks, you can track who unfollows you fairly easily:

  • Instagram: We like Unfollowgram because it’s dead simple, and works on both mobile and desktop. Sign in with your Instagram account, and you can see who unfollowed you, as well as a list of anyone you don’t follow back.
  • Tumblr: XKit is essentially the Social Fixer of Tumblr. You can do lots of different things with it, and the Follower Checker feature will show you who unfollows your Tumblr.
  • Pinterest: Currently, the only way to track who unfollows you on Pinterest is the Followers on Pinterest app for iPhone, but you’ll have to shell out $2.99 for the app.
  • Google+: The closest thing to tracking who uncircles you on Google+ is Uncircle Uncirclers+ for Chrome. It’ll show you who doesn’t circle you back that you have in circles, although it won’t show you who uncircled you if you don’t already have them in a circle.

With that, you should have a good idea of who doesn’t want to hear your thoughts any more. Just don’t take the information too personally.


  • Unfollowgram isn’t a thing anymore, even if we forget how slow it is, it just doesn’t work. As for me i don’t need to know who exactly unfollowed me, all i care about is to get them out of my list as soon as possible that’s why i find extremely useful as it is capable of unfollowing 5000 users per day. If you compare it to any other services you’ll see it’s like a jet and a bycicle.

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