Camera+ Improves Quality Settings, Front Flash And Photo Importing

iOS: Camera+, our favourite camera app for iOS, just updated to improve some of its features. Here's what's new.

Camera+ has added a new "High" setting that not only saves your photos at full quality, but shares them at full quality too (the previous "Full" setting is now called "Normal"). The The app has also improved the front flash and photo importing, which now does a better job of handling different image formats. It's a small update, but one that you'll definitely want to grab if you're a frequent user of Camera+. Hit the link to read more and download the update.

Camera+ [iTunes App Store]


    If I only could replace the stock app with this one.

    "...we've also done some optimizing to our recently added Front Flash feature. We did it because we care that you get the best results when you're sexting." Nice to know they read my letters! :P

      At first I thought "ha ha, that's so true, and I like the way you reworded the official 'what's changed' log", until I went and read it, and realised that you didn't need to. It actually says that.


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