Best Of 2012: IT Pro

Our Best Of 2012 series continues. Today, we're highlighting our IT pro content: the hints and tips that help you manage tech at work and advance your career.

What Are The Hourly Rates For IT Contractors?

Looking for a high-paying career in IT? The best contractor rates are for business intelligence consultants, project managers and accounting systems developers. However, there's a shift towards more full-time employees in some areas, so it might not be the path to riches you anticipate.

Projects That Will Look Good On Your Resume

When future employers examine your resume, they won't just look at job titles: the projects you worked on will be a key issue. Which ones will give you the best chance of being noticed and advancing in your IT career? We picked the brains of Gartner senior vice president and head of research Peter Sondergaard for some ideas.

Handy Strategies For Server Upgrading, Virtualisation And Cloud Deployment

Upgrading or changing your server is a task most businesses eventually face, but it's not a process you can undertake casually: careful consideration and planning are essential, especially as the push towards virtualisation and cloud creates more complex scenarios. Follow these real-world tips for a more straightforward upgrade path.

Is Cloud Hosting In Australia A Legal Necessity?

A common argument used against cloud computing by large companies and government organisations is that they are legally required to keep all data in Australia, or that they risk being subjected to US law if they use an offshore provider. But is that always the case?

Where Have IT Salaries Actually Changed?

IT salaries in Australia are largely static at the moment, but there are areas where salaries are falling (and a handful where they are improving). We've drilled through the latest Peoplebank Salary Index to find the at-risk positions.

Which Tablet Offers The Most Secure BYOD Experience?

If your workplace is going to support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach for tablets, security will be a vital consideration. An analysis of security options for tablets by Context Information Security suggests that the BlackBerry PlayBook offers a more secure environment than the Apple's iPad or 2 Samsung's Android-based Galaxy Tab, but all three platforms have security challenges.

Average Salary For An IT Contractor: $129,071

With an average annual salary for Australian IT contractors of $129,071 and an average hourly rate of $83.46, working in technology sure beats flipping burgers. However, as with most average figures, the devil is in the detail: some career paths and locations pay much better, and there's an apparent shift towards longer-term contracts.

What Work Do We Actually Do On Our Tablets?

If you're tempted by a shiny new iPad or a Nexus 7, it's easy to pretend to yourself that the cost will be justified: "I can use this for work!" But what work tasks are performed on tablets that would otherwise have been performed on a computer?

How To Live In A Car While Working In IT

About eight years ago I was working as a UNIX sysadmin for a national Australian ISP and lived in my car for about six months. Here is a short description of that time with some tips for technical car campers who may find themselves in this position.

What's Slowing Down Virtualisation In Australia?

Virtualisation has obvious benefits in all kinds of scenarios, and recent figures suggest that more than half of Australian enterprises have virtualised some of their workloads. But why isn't the uptake broader?


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