Windows Azure Brisbane Meetup Wrapped Up

Our first 2012 reader meetup thanks to Windows Azure took place in Brisbane last night, and it was a roaring success. Check out our photo gallery of the evening with all the news and all the winners.

A packed house enjoyed beer, food, lots of socialising and a great presentation on the potential of Azure by Dean Robertson from Mexia. In the individual challenge round (based on Dean's presentation), the ultimate victory — and a prize of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Essentials, valued of $810 — went to Dan Sowter. Congratulations Dan!

The main team trivia challenge featured questions which started out seemingly easy but rapidly got more difficult. It was a close-run contest, but a team with the name of A Very Witty Pun proved victorious on the night.

Another feature of each event will be a caption competition. We got lots of great suggestions as a caption for the picture below of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, but we couldn't go past the featured suggestion from Bryden:

Ooh baby, Kinect has come a long way!

Thanks to everyone who came along and made the night such a success (and to Microsoft for making it possible). We can't wait to see readers at our Sydney meetup this evening. Developers in Perth and Melbourne — if you haven't already signed up, what are you waiting for?

Get started with Windows Azure by signing up for a free trial here.

Brisbane Meetup Gallery

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Steve Ballmer picture by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images


    Was a great night. I will definitely be attending in the future and. The Microsoft stuff was educational rather than straight out advertising. Excellent food, enjoyable questions and great prizes. Only negative was the volume of the music in the other room at the beginning but that was quickly fixed.

    No sausages, but there was this really nice Peking Duck.

    If you're going to one of these for the girls, you've missed the point.

    Thanks everyone, was a great evening. Especially because our table walked away with some sweet swag :)

      The swag was definitely excellent. That jacket keep toasty and warm last night.

      Thanks again Lifehacker and MS, awesome night with good company.

    Good night, very relaxed, entertaining questions.

    Really enjoyed the event. Kudos to you for putting it together!

    Had a great time, even better than last year. Thanks LH and MS!!

    Also, if anyone wants to organise a general reader meet up in brisbane I would be happy to help organise.

    Indeed, it was a great night! Look forward to a future one!

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