Turn A PC Expansion Slot Cover Into A Coat Hanger

Whenever you install a new expansion card into your desktop computer, you get to remove a little piece of metal that once served as a placeholder. You can save this if you ever need it again, throw it away, or do what redditor jorshrod did: turn it into a coat hanger.

You might be wondering how this little piece of metal becomes a coat hanger. You simply bend it so it fits over the top of any door or cabinet and suddenly it's a hook to hang your coat. Pretty clever!

Uneeded PC expansion slot covers make a great office coat hanger [Reddit]


    "and suddenly it’s a hook to hang your coat"
    Yeah, a sharp hook, to eventually slice the neck of your coat on..!

    Oh yeah, coz coat hangers are so expensive.
    It's not like you can put two in a drawer together and they breed like rabbits.

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