Repurpose A Coat Hanger For Thong Storage

Need to store multiple thongs, sandals and other lightweight shoes? You can easily cut and bend a regular wire coat hanger to keep your footware organised and off the floor.

The process outlined at craft blog Epbot includes a few extra steps to prettify the results, but the basic process doesn't require much more than cutting each side of the hanger and bending the wire into place with pliers. See the post linked below for full instructions and lots of photos.

How's it Hangin'? A Flop Tutorial [Epbot]


    Shoes go on the floor or in the shoe rack- I don't have closet space to burn! I have 2 pairs of flipflop thongs because one was gifted to me to match a bridesmaid dress at a beach wedding reception.

    Misleading article.

    "Need to store multiple thongs, sandals " said no one ever

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