Top IT Skills: Security, BI, Mobility

Top IT Skills: Security, BI, Mobility

Work in IT and want to know what your boss will be spending money on next year? A recent survey suggests security will be at the top of the pile.

Telsyte’s survey of 800 local chief information officers (CIOs) identified security as the most pressing concern, followed by skills development and improved business intelligence. (That last one ties in with the growing importance of big data.) Worth noting if you’re planning your education for 2013. Only a third of CIOs have cost reduction as a major priority.


    • Its not fully representative if you don’t link the source article and don’t tell the whole story. Bad journalism…

      “Telsyte senior analyst and CIO program lead, Rodney Gedda, says IT leaders have often rated security, BI, skills and other concerns like IT-business alignment and innovation as high on their list of priorities, but going into 2013 as emerging technologies become mainstream, their priorities are also changing.”

  • BI actually doesn’t have much to do with Big Data, currently. Sure they both deal with large amounts of data, but you’re dealing with it in entirely different ways. Using the skills you have in BI or “Big Data” and applying it to the other will likely have poor results.

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