Analytics Top Priority For IT This Year

A recurring theme around these parts in recent months has been that if you want a well-paid career in IT, it pays to develop your skills in analytics and big data. More evidence for that assertion: Gartner's list of the top 10 technology priorities for CIOs in 2013.

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This is the top 10, based on a survey of 2503 CIOs across the globe:

  1. Analytics and business intelligence
  2. Mobile technologies
  3. Cloud computing
  4. Collaboration technologies
  5. Legacy modernisation
  6. IT management
  7. CRM
  8. Virtualisation
  9. Security
  10. ERP applications

While analytics tops the list of technologies, it only comes in at number 9 in the list of business priorities for CIOs. However, that list is dominated by tasks that aren't directly about specific technologies such as "increasing enterprise growth". Big data was also the second-most common choice of "disruptive technology", after mobile devices, though most respondents recognised that it was the combination of multiple disruptive technologies that created real challenges.



    If you want good training on 'Big Data' the industry standard is moving closer to 'Apache Hadoop'. The global trainer in these technologies is Cloudera. You can find their courses on their website at .
    Their courses aren't cheap but they are well worth the skill set.

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