Top 10 Things CIOs Love And Hate About Their Jobs

Top 10 Things CIOs Love And Hate About Their Jobs

Gartner recently conducted its annual CIO Agenda Survey and asked what CIOs enjoyed most and least about their role. The results are in and some of them may surprise you.

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CIOs have risen through the ranks in the last few years and have increased their clout in their respective organisations. CIOs like having the responsibility of being in a leadership role but doesn't enjoy the administration and bureaucracy side of their jobs.

Here's the full list of what CIOs love and hate about their jobs:

Gartner vice-president and fellow Dave Aron has some advice for CIOs and how they can make their jobs a little easier:

"Free up time through delegation and more aggressive prioritisation, and use that time to influence and increase enterprise digital savvy, and build stakeholder power.
"If CIOs don’t make significant progress now, they will fall under the digital bus. This is not simply a matter of being a more efficient and effective IT leader. It means stepping up to the plate in digital business leadership, recognizing this as a team sport and bringing the business leadership and the IT team with you."

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