Gallery: Lifehacker Windows Server 2012 Meetup Wrapped Up

Beer, food, trivia and geek talk were in full flow at our Sydney reader meetup last night. Check out the gallery for some of the highlights from the evening, all thanks to the Windows Server 2012 team from Microsoft.

The battle to win our trivia quiz was hard-fought, but team Deathhacker ultimately proved victorious. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it such a great night; we'll have more events (and more cities) in 2013.


    Great get-together. The trivia was a mix of general knowledge, Aussie pop culture and geekdom. NEXT TIME, I'll know to bring my phone -- future trivia players be warned, cheating on the trivia is not only allowed but actively encouraged.

    Fellow female geek readers of LH (surely I can't be the only one!), where were you? You missed a fun night!

    loved it guys. It was fantastic meeting and talking with you all! To those I missed, next time! Thanks to Angus and staff who put on a really fun night.

    Just a heads-up, Team Longhorn will win the next round of Trivia and the prizes better be Surfaces! Surfaces for all!

    -Steve / @augrunt

    Great night guys !!! Thanks again for the prizes - go death hackers !!

    Many funs were had. Thanks Allure crew!

    Angus's rapid fire questions really challeneged the best of us for efficient googling skills :)

    Very keen to attend the next one.

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