Windows Azure Melbourne Meetup Wrapped Up

Let the meetups continue. After Brisbane and Sydney last week, thanks to Windows Azure it was the turn of Melbourne Lifehacker readers to demonstrate their developer chops and win some prizes.

As befits a footy-crazed city, Mark Macumber from Object Consulting spoke about a tech project with an AFL focus: building the SuperFooty Live HQ site for the Herald Sun in Melbourne. The winner of the individual challenge round based on that presentation — who scored a prize of Microsoft Visual Studio Professional with MSDN Essentials valued at $810 — was Garry Holden. Congratulations Garry!

The trivia challenge was once again hard-fought. The eventual victors were Team Nitro — congratulations guys!

Our caption contest picture in Melbourne featured George Lucas (you've probably heard of him). That inspired plenty of amusing entries, many of which said offensive things about Jar Jar Binks. This entry from Candice was the our favourite (you have to say it in a Maxwell Smart accent and think about the word 'Chaos' carefully':

Missed it by that much!

Other captions we enjoyed included "Someone has written 'nachos' wrong!", "Sure, Rolf Harris could have done a better job of the prequels" and the simple but effective "FML".

Thanks yet again to everyone who came along on the night (and to Microsoft for making it possible). Tomorrow night we finish with a bang, wuth our first-ever Perth event — if you're in WA, don't miss out!

Get started with Windows Azure by signing up for a free trial here.

George Lucas picture by Chip Somodevilla /Getty Images

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    Thanks Angus and Danny for organising, Mark for some good insights, and to Microsoft for putting the show on. I had a great time, though my head's a little the worse for wear this morning!

    Thanks all for a great night, must do it again soon!

    Cheers guys, an enjoyable evening with interesting people. Derek, I reckon my head hurts more, too many triples. ;)

    Thanks everyone for an awesome evening. It was good fun, and a joy to learn a bit more about Windows Azure from guys that work with it and know it best.

    Thanks for a great night guys! It was a good chance to get in there and have some fun. Not surprised at all at the male to female ratio though :P

    Great night folks. Big thanks to the LifeHacker crew (good to finally meet you Danny!) and Microsoft (hey Coatsey) for the invite/grub/drinks and entertainment. :)

    Thanks to the Lifehacker and Gizmodo crew for hosting it (and Microsoft for sponsoring it of course)! Had LOADS of fun :)

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