Women Get More Stressed By Negative News

No-one likes hearing bad news, but the way we react may be partly a construct of gender. A study in PLOS ONE suggests that women who read negative news reports have a stronger stress reaction to it and recall it for longer.

Picture by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images

In the study by University of Montreal researchers, subjects were asked to read news headlines. One group was exposed to 'neutral' headlines, while the others were given 'negative' headlines. Women displayed a higher level of cortisol after reading negative headlines.

This is only a single study on a small group (just 60 people), so we can't draw major conclusions from it. However, if you're already feeling stressed or depressed, it suggests watching 24-hour news channels isn't going to help.



    This is why women are not good in leadership roles, they need constant praise and can't make decisions when it gets tough

    People might say I'm a sexist, but I'd say I'm a realist

      How the hell did you get "they need constant praise and can't make decisions when it gets tough" from "women get more stressed from bad news" -a study with a sample size 60?

      I think you're projecting here. Did a woman get a promotion over you? You sound very bitter.

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