Switch Panorama Direction On iOS 6 With A Tap

The new panorama camera in iOS 6 is pretty handy when you want to take a big, wide picture, but it seems like it only allows you to go one direction. However, as Macgasm points out, you can switch the panorama direction with a tap.

FIrst off, load up you camera app and switch it over to panorama (Options > Panorama). The arrow wants you to take the picture moving from left to right. But if you tap the arrow, it flips, and you can take pictures from right to left. Panorama mode is great, and now you don't have to situate yourself to get the perfect picture.

Tip: Switch The iOS 6 Panoramic Photo Direction [Macgasm]


    Wow I worked this out about 10sec after trying it out.... Though it was obvious. Oh we'll hope it helps someone.

    What would be the point to changing direction on a panaromic shot?

      It's easier to start at the point you want, and move to capture the rest, than it is to try and judge where you want the ending point to be, and where you need to start in order to get there.

    Don't forget that you can also use the panorama function to get vertical panoramas. Turn it 90 degrees and shoot just as a normal panorama, the photo will automatically rotate to suit.....

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