Use Panorama Mode To Photograph Receipts

Panorama mode for photographs was one of the main features of iOS 6. While panorama mode is very handy for grabbing skyline shots, it can also have a more practical application: photographing long receipts.

Receipts picture from Shutterstock

Reader Matt wrote in with this simple but practical suggestion:

I needed to send a fairly long receipt off to a business. Rather than ending up with lot of wasted space and lack of detail by taking the photo from a distance or going through the effort of cutting and pasting multiple photos, I just pulled out my iPhone, set it to panorama and waved it over the receipt like a scanner. attached to an email and done.

The same tactic would work with your preferred panoramic photo app for Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry or any other platform. Thanks Matt!


    And now that iOS 6 is jailbroken I can do this with my 4s, yay!

    You didnt need to jailbreak it on a 4S.

      Explain? I've been on iOS 5.1.1 because iOS wasn't jailbroken until today. Was panorama mode available on iOS 5.1.1 for my iPhone 4s?

    I actually did this on friday, I didnt' even think twice about it since without a scanner it was the obvious choice.

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