Google Camera Gets A Timer And New Panorama Modes

Google Camera Gets a Timer, New Panorama Modes, and More

Android: Google's new Camera app has been updated with a few extra features today. It now includes a timer and panorama modes.

The new version also adds the ability to take a picture while shooting video, and choose between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios. The new panorama modes include "fisheye" and wide angle.

Google also mentions that you can "capture landscape scenes with your left hand", although we're not sure exactly what that means. The update is rolling out gradually. If you don't see it in the Play Store below, you can grab the APK from Android Police here.

Google Camera [Google Play Store via +Android]


    ...flash your S4 with odin anytime an update comes out. don't wait for sad old Australia to catch up. its 4.4.2 now with Kids Mode built in. Then, Google Camera works a treat on S4s.

    What is this compatible with? None of my android devices are, they are all Samsung though, S4, Note 10.1 and Galaxy Camera so that might have something to do with it.

    Edit: Just read it is 4.4+ only, that makes sense. Maybe when my S4 gets KitKat I can try it out

    Last edited 29/05/14 1:38 pm

      When will that be? Doesn't the carrier (IE Telstra) determine when to release the new version of android on its phones?


      Last edited 29/05/14 2:23 pm

        I think it expected to be released anytime between now and when hell freezes over, and considering I am on Vodafone, I will be skiing the slopes alongside Satan before I get KitKat on my phone

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