Pandora Apps Bring Activity Streams, Profile Pages And Social Sharing

Android/iOS: Pandora for iOS and Android saw a major update this week. New features include the ability to share songs with your friends on Facebook and Twitter more easily, a new page featuring lyrics and background information for each song, an activity stream and user profiles.

Some of these features were present in one mobile app and not the other. In the case of the activity stream and profiles, they were available on the web, but not on your phone. Now you have them all at your fingertips, so you can go back and see what you were listening to several days ago instead of just this play session. The new apps also have a music feed that collects plays from other Pandora listeners, so you can see what your friends are listening to.

The new version of the app for iOS is available now. The Android version was updated last month to include many of these features and the rest should be rolling out to users shortly.

Pandora Radio [via TechCrunch]


    Not in the AU store, are you guys still linking US articles?! Why put an article up on an AU blog site when AU peeps cant get it!

    Australian store. Nope.

    You got me all excited that *finally* the Pandora app would be available in the Australian store. Disappointed again in both Pandora (why can't they release their app in Australia?) and in Lifehacker Australia (lazy work guys).

    Just got it with a US account, and it does work, but still annoying having to do a fake account just to get an app.

    Alan can you please press Pandora when they are likely to tick the settings box in the Play store to allow AU customers to download it?

    Last time I contacted them they told me it was still in development. Seeing as though they don't seem to localise at all and we speak English, I'm not sure what they are developing?

    Side loaded on Galaxy S2 - easy to find the APK online for Andriod :D

    Created an account with US details, just entered the postcode as 90210. Installed Visa wiget on all Win 7 PCs and can listen anywhere, home or work :D

    Might call this some form of hack... like a "LifeHack" ?

    Why bother writing about it when it's not available in AU yet?

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