Make The Perfect Fried Egg

If you ask a dozen chefs how to fry an egg sunny side up, you'll probably get a dozen answers. This method from the folks at Food52 is a little different and may just help you perfect your egg-frying technique.

Yes, we know it's not exactly difficult to fry an egg, but it's also not difficult to ruin that fried egg by leaving it on too long, using the wrong pan, not adding enough butter or oil to keep the egg from sticking and so on. This method is definitely on the fattening side, but it's a near-foolproof way to make sure your fried eggs come out perfect every single time. In fact, it's similar to the method that Chef Jose Andres uses, and he even points out how sometimes the simple things can be the most challenging to master.

If the type of fried egg you prefer doesn't match up with the video above, maybe one of these methods will suit your fancy instead.

Making A Sunny-Side Up Egg [Food52]


    That's a lot of fat and butter. I'd rather my dodgy sometimes ruined eggs than her idea. It's almost deep-fried there was so much oil.
    The wood plate almost went transparent there was so much oil/fat coming from that egg. Clearly a new window to weight gain.

    All that butter,olive oil and salt for one egg?Not exactly weight-watchers friendly.

      Just look at the size her! Of course she is "going to use a lot of fat, to make it cook faster"

      A healthier alternative is a couple of table spoons of water onto the hot pan and cover with a lid to steam the egg. Still tasty, without bathing it in a pool grease.

        +1 for the steaming method. You end up with some damn attractive eggs that way.

    When are people going to get that fat does not make you fatter? I have been cooking my eggs like this for many a year and do not have a weight problem.

    To the person who suggested steaming - sounds nasty. Enjoy your soggy eggs.

      Since when are YOU the representative for the human population?

      "Sounds nasty". Perhaps trying it might be useful. It doesn't make the eggs "soggy" at all (you never had a poached egg?)

      Let me give you an analogy: imagine a game where you use a slingshot to throw birds of various colours at buildings made by pigs. Yeah... like that idea will catch on...

        lol this comment made my morning

      I agree T-bone, I do fried eggs the same way. Having said that I don't normally do fried eggs, but rather scrambled this way:

      Probably even fattier than fried eggs!

        Oh god YES. That's how I've always scrambled eggs, great minds think alike

      fat is the most calorically dense macronutrient.

    You guys should not be promoting unhealthy eating like this..

    The same can be done with just covering the egg/pan on a low heat. My girlfriend showed me this oil trick the other day and I unceremoniously shut her down by doing the exact same thing, without the oil just by using a sauce pan lid.

      +1 Only I put a small amount of olive oil in the pan, heat it, add the egg and cover it with a lid. Cooks quickly, still has the fried effect and makes perfect fried egg every time I do it.

    Ye Gods, that actually made my stomach turn. I was thinking that there's no way an egg can absorb all that butter and fat, but she made it happen somehow :|

    depending on your preference and time you can cook the white all the way through by starting with the pan on a low heat and jacking the heat up once the egg has stopped spreading.

    Mmmmmh, chicken embryos.

    If you want to reduce the amount of fat, just use a small amount of olive oil or butter, then finish the eggs under the grill

    That is a LOT of oil. I do it the same way but with literally about 1/10th of the oil.

    But y'know, she's a big lady, it makes sense that she cooks this way. I used to live with a really overweight housemate and everything she made was like that.

    Seems like a lot of people here need to visit Rob Wolf's site or Mark Sisson's site and educate themselves. Or perhaps get hold of "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and be prepared to be astounded by how much you take for granted is absolute BS.

    Exactly how I cook my fried eggs. Except I dont think adding butter was needed, maybe for added taste i guess, and maybe less oil. Putting the lid over the pan works too, so long as you don't overcook the top.

    Non-stick fry pan. Olive oil spray. 1-2 eggs.
    Spray pan lightly. Heat pan on high, reduce to medium heat. Crack eggs in centre of pan. Cook until whites are done. Turn off heat, flip egg. Upend egg onto toast/ plate.
    The trick is minimal handling of the egg, a non-stick surface, and practice. If you are doing the bacon, mushrooms, etc, do the eggs first.
    Hope this helps :)

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