Go From Zero To Pizza In 30 Minutes

Homemade pizza is an art form, but it’s a time-consuming art form that can take hours of prep work. With a little help from CHOW, Modernist Cuisine, and some kitchen science, you can cut that prep time down to a fraction of the original and still turn out delicious homemade pizza.

Modernist Cuisine’s Scott Heimendinger explains that making your dough with encapsulated leavener means you don’t have to wait for it to rise, and as soon as it hits the heat of your oven, the leavener reacts with the acid in the dough and starts releasing carbon dioxide, which makes the dough rise in the oven instead of on the countertop. You’ll also want a baking steel (or a baking stone, although the steel would admittedly get hotter and work better for shorter baking times) to really get that crispy pizza crust.

You can see how the process works in the video above. If you’re no fan of modernist cooking we can totally understand, but this method takes what would be hours of waiting for dough to rise and condenses it into a few minutes once the pizza hits the oven. Hit the link below to see how Scott tested different crusts before settling on this method, and for the recipe.

No-Yeast, No-Rise, Champagne Pizza Dough [Seattle Food Geek via CHOW]


    You can't watch the video in Australia!!!

    Phew, good job they didn't let us watch the video in Oz - we might all have been making pizza! And please no-one come here and tell us how to circumvent the IP restrictions, we know. We just can't be bothered.

    Not available in my country? Really?
    Someone, somewhere, needs to take this stupid region locking crap, put it through a wood chipper and come up with something relevant to the modern day.

    you dun goof'd, LH.

    edit: no, it's multiple countries that they cut off access to. Keep the article for a while.

    Last edited 31/10/12 5:06 pm

    How odd, Chow used to be multi-region, now none of their videos are viewable. Well, UNSUBSCRIBE.

    No video? Guess I'll just have to keep using pita bread for my pizzas.

    I just make my pizza dough in my breadmaker.
    Takes ~1hr20 for the dough to be ready then just roll, top and place in oven.

    The recipe for this is in the comments section of the youtube video.

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