Confirmed: Kids Breakfast Cereals Are Heavily Overloaded With Sugar

Confirmed: Kids Breakfast Cereals Are Heavily Overloaded With Sugar

Sure, I don’t think anyone with a brain was deluding themselves that Fruit Loops are good for you. But the issue is very pervasive: an analysis by CHOICE of the 41 cereals marketed at kids in Australia found that 30 of them were high in sugar, and virtually all were low in fibre.

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Of the 195 breakfast cereals CHOICE analysed overall, it said only 36 of them were nutritionally worthwhile. Four were singled out for special mention: Abundant Earth Puffed Corn, Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat, Healtheries Pufferbillies and Sanitarium Weet-Bix for kids. (The review didn’t include muesli, which CHOICE considers as a separate category).

Aside from high sugar and low fibre, many cereals have high sodium levels. Even those which have recently seen those levels reduced (such as Cornflakes) still have very high levels. The lesson? You can have a healthy breakfast with cereal, but you need to check the nutritional details carefully.


  • I thought this was pretty obvious. It says it right there in the nutritional information on the box. Speaking of the box, it’s probably a lot healthier to eat the box than its contents.

  • I still want my American Cheerios, the real unsweetened original ones, not the wannabee Australian woo-hoo-we’re-healthy multigrain ones that are definitely NOT healthy as they contain nearly as much sugar as they contain multigrain. The real ones are like portable oatmeal you can eat out of your hand… quite nutritious, and they combine really well in a bowl with strawberries as an afternoon snack.

  • I was dismayed to find out that weet bix, corn flakes, and almost EVERY muesli I can find, is packed with sugar. Is it really necessary to put sugar in corn flakes for goodness sake?!

    • Sugar is kind of a misleading term because all carbohydrates are broken down into glucose (ie sugar). It’s just the paths taken to reach that point which differ but essentially all breads, cereals, rice, starchy foods are packed with carbohydrates and hence packed with ‘sugar’ as most media outlets will reductively call it. And to be completely frank the more sugar present doesn’t necessarily make the food ‘bad’ and, while scientifically a fallacy but can be taken as valid in everyday life, the simple idea of eating a certain amount and having to expend that same amount worth of energy can be used. That is to say if you ate a bowl of corn flakes and the next thing you do is sit at the computer for the next 10 hours then it’s probably bad for you but if you were to instead play a game of rugby you’ll be fine!

      Again it pretty much all comes down to us living in overabundance and having to stick to moderation for things to go swell.

  • Obviously Fruit Loops aren’t healthy BUT I wouldn’t be so quick to say they aren’t good for you
    They’re so damn tasty they make me happy and put me in a good mood to start the day off
    but I’m not a kid so I know restraint

  • Thats bullshit!
    The Co-Co Pops commercial says that a bowl of Co-Co Pops provides your child with half their daily calcium requirements!

    *when served with milk.

  • It all depends where the sugar comes from.

    Take these 3 examples. All have the same grain type and sugar amount
    1. Standard grain
    2. Grain with honey
    3. Grain with fruit

    Whilst cereal number 1 might not be that great as the sugar is normally refined and high GI. The sugar in 2 and 3 will be less refined, lower GI and be a different type (glucose, fructose etc).

    Sugar is just like fat. They are both good for you, just depends what type.

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